you could be owed thousands.

Business Energy Claims

You may have unknowingly paid hundreds, thousands, or even millions to your broker in hidden fees.

We could help you recover the amount paid in fees, in some cases this made up half a business’ energy bill!  

Uncover the truth

How have you been paying secret commission fees?

If you’ve used an energy broker or consultant to find the best possible deal on the market, the likelihood is that you may have actually been swindled.

You may not even be aware that you were approached by a broker/consultant either!

Millions of businesses have had their energy prices hiked by brokers who added hidden commissions to their contracts.  

Even though you may have been told it was a free service, the fees  added by brokers are often directly associated with your unit rate, this could have added over 5p per kWh to your contract!

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How to Check If You're Owed

1. Tell us more

Provide us with your contract and a few more details such as the name of your broker.

2. Free Contract Evaluation

Our team will carefully assess your contract for any hidden fees. free of charge.

3. Decide Next Steps

If you have a claim, we can progress it on a no-win-no-fee* basis for you.

Our partners work on a no win no fee** basis, meaning that you will have nothing to pay unless your claim is successful (unless you have breached the terms of your agreement). If your claim is successful, you will pay legal costs to our partner law firm directly from the compensation recovered. The maximum fee will be 36.5% (Including VAT).

**A fee could be payable for any claim(s) cancelled after the 14-day cooling-off period. There is no charge if your claim is unsuccessful unless you have breached the terms of your agreement.

We may receive a fee for introducing you to our partners, this is at no additional cost to you. 

It's possible you could be owed

£2,000 to £2,000,000.

Business Energy Claims

How much Could you Claim?

It’s impossible to give a precise answer without one of our team evaluating your contract first, however, a claim’s value is dependent on two main factors. Firstly, how much energy your business has used and secondly, how much commission has been hidden inside the contracts.

Claims have ranged from £2,000 all the way to £2,000,000.

Still wondering?

Ask Yourself...

Business Energy Claims

Both Brokers & Suppliers are to blame

Did your broker user one of the below suppliers?

used an energy broker for commercial purposes?

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